Simplicity at scale.

I have been mucking around on on the internet since I was at high school in the 90s. I remember one of my first sites at uni I fired up in 1999 and no it didn’t blow up due to Y2K! More recently we have been hearing lots about the cloud and cloud hosting. Most people have no idea what this means but actually the internet has always been a cloud with servers doing magic all around the world. Companies like Digital Ocean more recently have made this secret world of the internet much more accessible for the average punter.

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Now there are lots of hosting providers out there which make it really easy but you end up on some crappy shared server that is crazy slow and just makes your site slow or you lose out on full control. There are also lots of options for full servers which often cost a shed load of cash and are difficult to set up and run especially for a beginner or someone who just wants a quick and responsive site.

Digital Ocean command hub

So why did I pick Digital Ocean you may wonder. Well it has to be for their ease of use and their simple charging. For as little of $5 per month you can spool up a SSD server in a data center located close to the market you want your site in, What makes their offering even better is they do all the work for you. So if you want a simple WordPress blog ready to go you simply press this button and BOOM in seconds it is online and away you go.


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What is cleaver about these guys is that they go a lot further than this You can Enterprise up really quickly with multiple servers, LAMP stacks and world wide resilience over their data centers. They  are not the 2nd largest cloud provider in the world for being lame. If you are after super fast and super easy cloud hosting with pretty much unlimited Scalability then these guys are defiantly worth considering.

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