"slow is not a speed. It's a mindset that most of us somehow lost. Let's make time to bring slow back into our life. be slow..." The slow founders

slow watches

You may find this one a little strange considering I usually write about things that are a cutting edge and or some new concept. However I think that Slow Watches in  their simplicity is just that. Something truly unique, stylish and perfect for modern life.

I did not buy in to the smart watch craze. While they offer some cool features most of them are over-priced and have limited shelf life. Why would you spend £14k on an Apple Edition watch only for it to be obsolete in 2 years’ time?  That money would be far better invested in to a Rolex. At least that will continue to increase in value and is of a timeless design.

What really caught my eye about Slow Watches is the unique concept that time should be slow and this is reflected in the single handed 24 hour watch face. No more to the millisecond timing and always worrying about getting to that meeting on the dot. The universe doesn’t work in seconds not should we.

We all know someone who is never on time and they are always so chilled about life. Whereas if you are the kind of person who this infuriates I bet you are in need of Slowing down.  I am the latter I am always clock watching and it is exhausting. By the end of the week I have to invest in massages to de-stress me. While we all love a good massage it is costing a fortune.

The great thing is that the 24-hour dial allows you to see the entire day in one view. This fundamentally changes the way you look at your watch and it will give you a much better consciousness about the progression of your day. Not only is it simple it is made by the Swiss from durable 316L stainless steel and extra hardened (K1) mineral glass. You should see what they have done with the box, its a love story

Slow watches box
Make love to your watch!
Slow created a packaging for their product that will make you fall in love with your new slow Jo at first sight.
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