It's Analogue Renaissance for the retro gamer out there

As you know here at GR we love all things Analogue Renaissance and we were over the moon when we came across these amazing beautifully crafted retro gaming books covering the early days of home computers and consoles from Bitmap Books.

Point and click adventure games

Who are Bitmap Books?

Founded by graphic designer Sam Dyer, Bitmap Books is an award winning independent publisher of retro gaming books covering the early days of home computers and consoles. Its sumptuous, high-quality books are presented as a visual celebration of the genre, enabling you to relive this golden age of video games. Each volume is filled with interviews, quotes and anecdotes from the artists, programmers and publishers that created the games.

Books for Retro Gamers

Bitmap Books currently have many titles in their portfolio all of which the retro gaming lovers out there will adore. If you had a Commodore C64 then the titles in the visual Compendium will take you back to a time of nail biting tape loading, hoping that you would not get that fatal read error.

The Secret of monkey island

For the point and click adventure gaming enthusiasts The Art of Point & Click Adventure Games will have you reminiscing over the likes of The Secret of Monkey Island. So brush up on your pirate insults cos you mum fights like a cow.

The Titles

They currently have 13 titles some of which are up for pre-order. We are pretty excited about The Guide to Computer Role-Playing Games which reviews over 400 games from 1975 to 2015, covering role-playing classics we all love such as Ultima, Wizardry, Fallout and Mass Effect, the latter being our fave.


Let us know your favourite retro games in the comments and do you ever dig out an old game and play it on an old console or computer? You can also find out more on Bitmap Books by hitting the button below.

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