For those of you who remember going to Blockbuster to pick up you DVD for movie night or perhaps even a VHS… There was something special about browsing the isles, picking up a film and not to mention that all important popcorn. After the demise of these stores LoveFilm was there for all your DVD/BluRay needs. However after they closed this only left streaming services.

If you have never heard of LoveFilm then here is a quick recap. LoveFilm was a DVD-by-mail subscription service that rented out physical discs of movies and TV boxsets – sent to and from the user by pre-paid post.

So we have all the streaming services dominating the world now. These are great and we use them a lot. However there are still a few issues with these namely: The catalogues change all the time, the quality is not as good as physical media. This is especially true if you want true 4K with Dolby ATMOS & HDR.

So if you want to bring back the magic of movie night. Not aimlessly scrolling through lists of films and TV shows through clunky interfaces there is an answer. You can give your disc slot some much needed love with a service from Cinema Paradiso.

Who are Cinema Paradiso?

Cinema Paradiso originally specialised in foreign and art-house movies, but you’ll find most of the big new mainstream releases there too. It claims to have “pretty much all the titles released in the UK that are available for rental”. We found the list of titles to be pretty exhaustive, and it includes a great roster of TV boxsets too.

Cinema Paradiso works in much the same way as LoveFilm. Create a list from the online disc catalogue, rank by priority, and sit back and wait for your discs to arrive by post, enjoy (or not), then post back free in the envelope to Cinema Paradiso. LoveFilm users will feel right at home – even the envelopes look the same.

DVD-by-mail subscription options

There are three subscription options you can select:

1 disc at a time, with 2 discs per month: £5.99/month

1 disc at a time, with unlimited discs per month: £9.99/month

2 discs at a time, with unlimited discs per month: £14.99/month

3 discs at a time, with unlimited discs per month: £19.99/month

The Verdict

If you are a cinephile with a love for the full at home movie experience then this is for you. The ability to get 4K BluRay discs on rental is a great option before you invest in the expensive copy yourself.

If you fancy bringing the magic back to movie night with all the popcorn planning etc that used to go in to it this is a great option. So pop your phones and tablets in a box, warm up the popcorn and slip the disc in your disc slot. Enjoy film as it should be.

You can always test the service with a free 14-day trial. Just hit up the button below.

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