There is a new VPN in town, Cloudflare WARP. They launched their privacy-focused DNS service in 2018 and published apps for Android and iOS in the same year. The company announced its Warp VPN service in April 2019 and invited users from all over the world to join a waiting list to test it.

Better known as one of the biggest WAF and CDN providers in the world these guys know a thing or two about making the internet fast and secure. Making a move in to the VPN world is an interesting move.

Warp establishes a VPN connection on the device to route traffic through Cloudflare servers; this may improve performance and secures DNS and Internet traffic. Cloudflare says that Warp+ users see a 30% improvement in performance on average when loading websites. This is due to routing it through their Argo network.

The basic version of Warp is free and has a 10GB data use a month. Warp+ is an add-on service that improves the performance of connections made on the device by “avoiding traffic jams” and picking the fastest routes through Cloudflare’s global network.

If you need more data you can refer others to receive Gigabytes of Warp+ traffic for free per month.  The second option that is available is to pay £3.99 per month to get Warp+ Unlimited.


We ran several speed tests to test the performance of the service. The speed tests gave us no speed increase but we are using a 1gb line. Websites did not load noticeably faster either. However most of us use a VPN to secure traffic and hide from spying eyes so a speed increase here may not really matter.

Unlike other VPN providers the app does not provide extra services such as onion routing and ad blocking. Also the app does not allow you to connect to servers or regions so you have no idea where you traffic is routing through. This can be problematic if you are using a region specific app.


Cloudflare’s Faster & Safer Internet application brings the company’s DNS server and VPN service to Android and iOS. The VPN is free to use for 10GB per month or £3.99 for WARP+, but it limits options and features, and gives no control over regions and servers.

For the price and if you are looking to secure your connection this is a good deal however it is worth shopping around for deals. For example Nord VPN have a deal on right now where you can get 3 years access for just £2.82pm.

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