Loot Crate™ delivers the best in geek + gaming gear. From collectibles, apparel, tech gadgets, art, and other epic gear, it's like Comic-Con in a box!

So I have mentioned before I work in Digital which is kinda of the in vogue word for IT/Online etc etc. Well as you can imagine there is an eclectic mix of people from old school IT Pros who have zero personalty to new cooler dudes in shorts. You know the type they wear shorts in all weather just because they can. This makes it a pretty cool place to work fosters lots of weirdness. One such weirdness is a collection of geek, gaming, and pop culture gear. One team inspired by Nintendo have an epic collection of said loot thanks to Loot Crate.

Picture the scene, amidst the drone fights and Nerf Gun battles in the office some work does get produced and to themselves for said hard work one team has had the brilliant idea of getting a Loot Crate delivered each month. They then use said gear to deck their desks or just to take home. So walking to where these guys work is a bit like walking in to Comic Con.

Loot Crate Gear

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Loot Crate Logo Awesome monthly geek & gamer gear delivered to your door! Loot Crate is a monthly mystery crate for gamers, geeks and fans of pop culture, delivering cool (and often exclusive!) items like collectibles, t‑shirts, gadgets and more.

Next Level Loot
We’ve taken the curated geek and gamer excellence you enjoy with Loot Crate to the next level, with an elevated assortment of collectibles, apparel, home goods and more from your favorite pop culture franchises every month.

Loot Crate Pets

A Monthly Crate of Geeky Gear and Goods for Your Dog
Loot Pets is a monthly mystery crate for pets and the people that love them, delivering apparel, accessories, toys, treats* and more.

Loot Crate Anime

A Monthly Crate of Anime & Manga Gear
Loot Anime is a monthly mystery bundle of figures, collectibles, manga, apparel, accessories and more from some of your favorite anime and manga series with a new theme every month!


Epic Gear Delivered Monthly
Own a piece of the biggest and best gaming universes with this monthly mystery subscription box.

Epic licensed figures, collectibles, apparel, accessories and more (often exclusive).
Different theme every month featuring items from a mix of classic and new release video games.

A Bi-Monthly Crate of Official Firefly Gear and Collectibles
The Firefly™ Cargo Crate is a mystery subscription service delivering a collection of 5-7 exclusive Firefly collectibles, Including shiny figures, cunning apparel and other such finery every 2 months.

The only problem now is to choose what crate to sign up for. I do like the idea of The Loot Crate DX but at £50pm its a lot of wedge to part with for some geeky gear. I might just stick with the Gamer for the time being and maybe a DX box will arrive in time for my birthday.

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