Pop In A Box is the perfect way to start or add to your POP! Vinyl figure collection. With RARE & EXCLUSIVE POP! Vinyl figure collectible being given away every month, your collection will grow at a pace that suits you...

For those of you who have read my Loot Crate article you will know that I work in a pretty funky place where strange things happen and many weird and wonderful gadgets, toys and collectibles just appear. One of the things I liked about Loot Crate is if that box includes a Pop character. You know the mini vinyl dudes with wobbly heads. Well these things are becoming a bit of a craze and if you fancy getting a random one each month Pop in a box can serve those needs for you.Pop in a box batman

What I like about Pop in a box is these guys can set you up with a monthly random pop for around £8.49 per month. But it is not all random. If you don’t like Harry Potter you can turn off receiving these ones or if you are a Star Wars hater kill these from being sent. But hey who wouldn’t want a Darth Vader sat on their desk as a reminder to others not to mess with you. For those of you who had or still do have a Panini sticker album. they have thought of this too. Full tracking of the Pops you own is built in to the site and this stops you from getting duplicate Pops if you do hit up the subscription service.

pop vinyls

For those of you that hate clutter this will probably blow your mind, lots of mini dudes turning up and ruining your Feng Shui. I would say relax they are fun and there are many to choose from. Personally i don’t think I will be wanting any of the My Little Pony Pops but  the Marvel guys look pretty tasty and I am sure they will look good in among the other weird and wonderful characters I am surrounded with at work.

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