Following the success of their 1st album, Red, animated synthpop band Savlonic are looking for funding for their 2nd album, Neon.

MMMMM PIE! BADGER BADGER BADGER! SILLY CAT FACE! If any of these mean anything to you then you will know I am talking about the creations of Mr Weebl over at Weebls Can you believe the first Weebl & Bob video hit our screens all the back in 2002! Wow I feel very old now. So who are Savlonic?


Savlonic, the animated band working with the minds behind Mr Weebl and Weebl Stuff inspired by the music of the 80’s melded with the possibilities of the present, a style known as Retrowave, Synthwave or Outrun are looking to fund their 2nd album.

As with their Album Red which I invested in netting myself the pretty sweet Red Vinyl (Still haven’t played it) they are producing physical versions of the album with beautiful artwork. There will be digital downloads too along with the CD, Coloured Vinyl and Picture Disc.

Savlonic have gone for 8 backing teirs running from £8 which gets you a digital download of the album all the way up to £2k which gets you your very own song written by the band and produced for you. This is a very sweet package of which there is only one available, albeit out of my price range. I will prob be opting for the Neon Vinyl.

I am super pumped about this and you should be too! Hit the button below to back Neon Savlonic’s 2nd album.

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