Norwich Mustard, a community owned cooperative that will make mustard in Norwich after Colman's leave.

Colman’s Mustard is leaving Norwich something that a lot of people in the city are not happy about. But feat not Robert Ashton, social entrepreneur is on a quest to create Norwich Mustard a crowdfunded cooperative.

In a nutshell Robert is planning to

  • Create a new community owned cooperative, with a  crowdfunded share issue this Spring
  • Give everyone who cares about Norwich the chance to own shares and earn their dividend in mustard
  • Build a team of enthusiastic people to grow, process and market the products, right here in Norwich
  • Be innovative, dynamic, exciting, bold and of course, profitable and so around for years to come

Norwich Mustard French

Made famous by Colman’s, the unique blend is inspired by Norwich born Harriet Martineau, who was a feminist, sociologist an novelist, decades before women won the right to vote.

Norwich Mustard Wholegrain

A traditional, no nonsense blend of mustards, inspired by Elizabeth Fry. Born in the centre of Norwich she campaigned for better conditions in our prisons.

Norwich mustard brown

Flavoured with horseradish, this is the mustard soldiers would have enjoyed in the Great War. Inspired by Norwich born nurse Edith Cavell, remembered for helping soldiers from both sides of the conflict.

The Norwich Mustard project is really coming along nicely with a website and product range taking shape. We look forward to tasting the home grown mustard (Our test sample jar was delicious). If you are interested in any-other kickstarter projects we love click here.

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