Uncover a strange, surreal world lurking beneath the surface of the city you thought you knew.

If you don’t know about HiddenCity experiences, it’s super simple. You and others in your team will meet at a location where you’ll receive your first clue by text. A trail of clues will follow, taking you on an adventure through the street of London, Manchester, York or Brighton solving challenges along the way to get to your final destination. The latest experience from Hidden City is Search for the Cheshire Cat an Alice in Wonderland themed adventure.

Hidden City invite you to solve a trail of cryptic clues

Each clue, sent to your phone by text, leads you to a location within walking distance. Find the answer then text it back. Get it right, get the next clue. Search for art in galleries, stroll down cobbled streets and drink in tucked-away taverns. Do it in one team or unleash your competitive side by entering multiple groups. It’s up to you. Two to four people per team is a great number. Most trails have between 12 and 20 clues and take 2 to 4 hours to solve depending on how well your team does.

This experience is designed for adults. Supervised children welcome. On Friday or Saturday if there are under 18s in your party finish the trail by 7.30pm to gain access to the final location.

Alice and wonderland not your cup of tea then fear not Hidden City offer other themed experiences, from a street art trail through Shoreditch to a Sherlock Holmes themed Moriarty cryptit challenge. You can even get involved in a mythical craftsman adventure.

So if you fancy trying HiddenCity’s newest immersive experience, inspired by Lewis Carol’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, in search of the elusive Cheshire Cat then hit the button below.

Start location: National Portrait Gallery
Start Time: Tu,We,Sa 11-4.30pm (so start by 4.30) Th,Fr 11-5.30pm Su 11.30-2.30pm.
Duration: 3-4 hours including breaks
Difficulty: Medium
Local knowledge required: None
Price: £23.00 per person

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