Every month, The Willoughby Book Club sends a new and beautifully gift-wrapped book to each of their bookish subscribers.

The first book includes a personal message and for every sale made, a new book is donated to Book Aid International. All of which makes for a very happy bookworm indeed


For orders before the 27th of the month, the books will be delivered on the 1st day of the month. Whereas if you put orders on the after the 27th, then expect that you will receive the book a month after.

Bespoke subscriptions

To make sure the book you receive each month is from a genre and in the style that you like, when you sign up you add personal details that include:

  • The recipients name
  • Your relationship with the person
  • A personal message
  • Top 3 book genres
  • Tell us about your/their favourite authors and books

Providing this information then lets *The Willoughby Book Club literacy experts hand pick a book tailored to each individuals needs. If you are worried about receiving duplicate copies of a book you may already have, don’t worry. An email is sent out each month letting you know what book you are receiving, and if you already have it in your stash, you can let them know and you can opt out.

How much does it cost?

Starting prices for The Willoughby Book Club are as follows:
The Baby Book Club – £29.99
Toddler Book Club – £29.99
Kids Book Club – £29.99
Young Adult Book Club – £29.99
The Bespoke Book Club – £34.99
The Contemporary Book Club – £34.99
The Classic Book Club – £34.99
The Cookery Book Club – £44.99
The Gardening Book Club – £44.99
The Natural History Book Club – £44.99
The Couples Book Club – £44.99


I think with the surprise element of the box – along with the ability to personalise it to taste – it would undoubtedly make a great gift and something that’s a little more thoughtful than just buying and gifting a regular book.

If you fancy giving The Willoughby Book Club a try then hit the button below and get 10% off your subscription.

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