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Remember when chemistry sets used to be all the rage, but today, kids are more likely to be found at their phones or tablets rather than doing experiments. But fear not a new subscription-based kit that seeks to appeal to modern chemistry enthusiasts by combining traditional experiments with VR is here.

Most of the kits on sale today are just a box with a number of chemical agents and manuals, which hasn’t see much change in the last few decades. There is, however, a potentially disruptive player on this market: the Russian-British startup MEL Science, which has released its subscription-based chemical experiment kit in the US, UK, and Russia.

How does MEL Chemistry work?

Priced at £38.90 for the starter kit (including VR Cardboard), and a further £38.90 for two experiment kits per month which include 4-6 experiments, MEL Chemistry offers 38 experiments in total, from tin dendrites to zinc-carbon batteries and from chemical ink eraser to ammonia fountain.


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Get two kits and a starter kit in the first month

After you subscribe, you’ll get a starter kit and the first two kits for conducting experiments.

Get two kits with new experiments every month

At the start of each month, you’ll receive a package with two kits for conducting incredible experiments, delivered to your home (or workplace). Each kit contains 2-3 experiments.

The whole family can spend time together doing entertaining experiments

Start a new exciting tradition—conduct experiments with the family on weekends!

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a virtual microscope, through which you can look at molecules and atoms in 3D, just like in a film!

The kit

The starter kit is produced in Saint Petersburg, where the most of MEL Science’s team of nine people are located. The contents look quite serious: you’ll see some chemical glassware, two pairs of safety goggles, syringes, plastic cups, funnel, a tray to protect you table, and even a solid fuel stove. Far more exciting than the kits of old.

MEL Starter Kit


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