It's time for a new kind of mobile network

It looks like the mobile phone market in the UK is just about to get far more competitive which is a great thing for customers looking to save some cash. Launching later this year on EE, Zevvle will offer terribly simple, SIM-only contracts. They will be monthly, so no locking you in for the long-term, and no catching you out with complicated fees.

What Does Zevvle Cost?

Zevvle are keeping things super simple with one plan for everyone with £5 per month for up to 5 sims and £5 per GB. This could be good for low users but if you are a heavy data user it may become pretty expensive.

UK and Europe 🇪🇺

  • Monthly subscription: £5 (for up-to 5 SIM cards)
  • Data: £5 per gigabyte
  • Voice: 3p per minute
  • Text: 3p per message

No Bill Shock

In a battle against bill-shock, Zevvle will set a default limit of £0 for all extra spending, and offer near real-time notifications for extra charges if users choose to opt-out.

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Nobody wants things to go wrong, but it happens. Whether that’s a quick question or something gone awry, Zevvle will be there when you need them. A real person you can understand, empowered to solve your problem.

Right now, you can send them an email or connect on Twitter and Instagram. With a forum to follow shortly. Pretty impressive for a company that hasn’t launched yet.

On launch Zevvle will extend that to SMS support and a dedicated Zevvle app on your phone. They will be purely digital support with no call centres or retail stores.

We are quite intrigued to how they will do and will be keeping an eye on developments and will update this page.

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