Cornerstone Razors & Shaving Accesories


As the trend of the beard dies (something I never signed up too) male grooming has become something of a must have as men demand to look better. We all have used the global shaving giants like Gillette and Wilkinson Sword products. However they just spit out much of the same plastic rubbish all be it with more blades or a Dyson like ball, the appetite has increased for so-called Posh Razors.

Posh Razors

Along come Cornerstone with a unique concept of a subscription service. That’s right razors to your door! I must admit I signed up to these dudes over a year ago because of the intro offer of £10 off your first box. This got me a custom aluminum razor handle and a box of razors all for about £4.

Posh Razors

Delivery Tips

Now they offer various plans you can sign up to with varying delivery frequency. My tip here which the guys over at Cornerstone may not like is to stop this once you have received your pack. Use your shiny new razor and only order when you run out of blades. They are that well made that they last for what seems like ever. When you are down to your last blade hit them up and order your new pack. Delivery is fast and they fit through your letter box.

Men Shaving

Shave Quality

Now to the all important shaving quality. It took a bit getting used to at first as the blade handle is super light and the balance is different to that of a Gillette Fusion. But once to get used to this the shave is excellent. There are no bars protecting your face like on their competitors but after over a year of using these I have come to the conclusion this is a marketing gimmick and offers little or no protection from nicks. I have yet to have a nick from a Cornerstone Razor it must be that German engineering we hear so much about.