Cook Restaurant Quality Meals In 20 Mins

Simply Cook is a monthly recipe box that gets delivered to your home containing all the spices, stock and seasoning to make 4 different meals for 2-4 people.

They say that the average person typically only makes the same 6 meals time and time again. Part of the aim of these boxes is to make it easier for people to try different foods and become more confident and creative in the kitchen – without the hassle of having to visit 20 different shops trying to locate elusive ingredients.

The Boxes




Vegetarian Box

A rapidly growing vegetarian-friendly selection of healthy vegetarian dishes


Light Box

All of SC’s healthiest and lowest calorie recipes, each under 600 calories


Gluten-Free Box

A wide selection of over 40 gluten-free dishes without compromise on flavour

Discovery Box

The best way to discover over 50 delicious recipes SimplyCook has to offer

Once you’ve received your box and decided which recipe you want to make, all you need to do is add protein, fresh vegetables, add some staple carbohydrates like rice or pasta and you are well on your way to creating restaurant quality meals.

What’s inside the recipe box?

Each box contains 4 separate sections for each recipe containing 3 little tubs of spices, herb mixtures, curry pastes, stock or meat rubs. Most have a best before date of at least 10 months so you don’t have to use them all up straight away which is handy.

There are also recipe cards to show you how to make each meal, complete with a handy tear off shopping list for what you need to add. If there is a particular ingredient you don’t like it is always possible to substitute.

What is different with Simply Cook is unlike others such as Gousto you need to source the main ingredients. But the packs are letter box friendly and we have found that they do taste supremely good.

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