SoMo helps users organise recurring carpools, events and ride-hailing with trusted friends, family and coworkers

For those of you who have busy family or social lives you are probably familiar with trying to organise your friend or family group using Google calendar or something similar. You know taking the kids to school or clubs and trying to remember which of you had agreed to pick them all up and take them all home. It can be a nightmare well A to B, Here Mobility has just announced SoMo Ride Sharing, a “first-of-its-kind mobility app” that combines maps and navigation with social ride-hailing to helps users find and share rides with friends, family and coworkers.

What is SoMo Ride Sharing

SoMo, short for Social Mobility, allows users to plan trips, share those trips and navigate along the way. So, such as, a group of co-workers who want to carpool can plan a recurring ride-share to the office, invite riders and get turn-by-turn navigation to the office with pick-up and drop-off locations with live-updating ETA information for each rider.

The SoMo app ties in elements of event planning, calendaring, social networking and navigation apps. For example, a group of parents can set up a weekly recurring ride to football practice. Later, parents can then accept or decline the ride like they could a calendar appointment. They can even take turns doing the driving and SoMo will update the route to optimise for that week’s pick-ups and drop-offs.

One-time events, like birthdays or nights out, can also be set up within the SoMo app, which allows users to manage invites and guest lists. Invitees can then organise carpools, drive themselves with turn-by-turn navigation or take advantage of partner taxi services, public transportation, bike sharing or other forms of transport.

Is SoMo Ride Sharing Safe?

Just like keeping yourself safe online parents maybe uncomfortable dropping their kids in a Taxi with a stranger to send them to football practice and may feel better sharing responsibility with a small network of other parents that they know. The app’s automatic updates about driver location and ETA should also help with peace of mind.

SoMo also functions as a classic navigation app offering turn-by-turn guidance and real-time traffic updates. The app plugs in rider locations to determine the most efficient pick-up and drop-off routes based on full-route waypoints, time, and distance. Focusing on trust and safety, SoMo sends automatic updates about driver location and ETA, so drivers can navigate safely without texting while driving.

How do I get SoMo?

SoMo is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store with English, Spanish, French, German and Brazilian Portuguese localisations.

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