Big is dead, long live smol.

So it looks like the laundry capsule industry is now getting the internet start up treatment. Just like Who Gives a Crap have entered the toilet paper market with 100% recycled paper or bamboo sheets delivered on schedule to suit your use. Smol have done the same treatment to laundry capsules.

Who are Smol?

Smol’s mission is to create great quality, wonderful smelling laundry capsules, regularly delivered to your home in a bespoke package that fits though your door. They also use fewer chemicals than other laundry capsules and state no loss of cleaning performance.

How does Smol work?

This bit is super simple. You simple log on to their website and start a free trial (1st box is only £1). During the sign up process you can select if you want bio or non bio how many washes a week you do and how many capsules you use per wash (1 or 2). Smol then calculate how many boxes you will need and on what delivery schedule. It is that simple.


What does it cost?

By cutting out the middleman Smol claim can enjoy clean laundry for up to 50% less than you would pay for your normal brand. This works out at £3.85 a box or 16p per wash if you are using one capsule.

Our laundry capsules have been tested against industry standards and we are delighted that they perform better than or equal to the leading brands.

We must say these little bad boys are pretty good. We have only tried the non bio due to sensitive skin and so far they are performing just as well if not better than a big brand we used to use. I do like how you can customise the delivery pattern to suit your needs and washing amounts.

Smol Dishwasher Tabs


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Smol have used smol technology to develop their concentrated dishwasher tablets. As with their laundry capsules, they are made to the highest quality standards and they claim are “the most effective concentrated dishwasher tablets in the world”.

Using smol technology they have found a way to use fewer chemicals than other dishwasher tablets with no loss of cleaning performance.

So with Cornerstone in the Razor market and Who Gives a Crap in the toilet paper market where will these pesky start ups take us next?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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