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Yes thats right Halloween Crawley Tulleys Shocktober Fest is back again in 2018 and early bird tickets are on sale now! You know our love all all things interactive and entertainment such as Secret Cinema. Well if you are in to your scares then you need to go to Tulleys Shoctober Fest in October,

1463, the year England banished Tarot cards. Outlawed and deemed as witchery, anyone caught in possession of the cards were sentenced to death. Just south of the capital, a witch was discovered working on a farm. She met her fate, and was burnt on the farm along with the Tarot cards. As the flames rose into the night sky, she cast an evil spell.. cursing the land for ever


Halloween Crawley Tulleys Shocktober Fest Haunts

We had a great time visiting Tulleys Shocktober Fest last year and we have already secured the early bird tickets for this year event. I know sad we are wishing the summer away already. We must say it is bloody scary and you are in for an amazing night if you have the courage to go. Below is a summery of what to expect on the night.


Mr PanDEMONium and his infamous circus are coming to town. A demonic circus like no other the band of freaks and showmen conceal their evil nature with sinisterly smeared on make up and colourful costumes. But your laughter will soon turn to screams as you realise their insidious intentions. If you venture far enough you may be permitted to see the evil in 3D. Three dimensions of dark, twisted evil that spring at you with every step. So, come and see the greatest show not of this earth.



Traumatic rituals create strong bonds between those who experience them together. Walk amongst the shades and shadows, your senses challenged, your eyesight taken, your head shrouded with only a rope for guidance. In an all new story, the Ritual will take you on the darkest path yet. Deep in the Netherworld few survive.. will you join the realms of the inglorious dead and be doomed to endure the Hellements forever or will you make it out alive?



\The curse of Alice Hemlock is one told by few. A damned soul drowned and buried for witchcraft, her 12 sisters vowed to avenge her unjust death. It’s said they sold their soles so her evil spirit could return to them and in doing so cursed the land. The coven of twelve has often been the darkest, but when joined by their thirteenth sister they are unstoppable.


Explore the abandoned Horrorwood Film Studios Haunted Hayride! Back in the Golden Age of cinema, the Horrorwood film studios were booming, full of glamour and intrigue and bursting with life. Now all old Horrorwood is bursting with is DEATH. After the terrible incident with the actor who played ‘The Woodsman’ the old studio was forced to close and all the movie sets and props remained abandoned. Lots of actors lost their jobs, and were never on screen again, but worst of all, they lost their fame and MINDS. Some believe that the old actors from all of those years ago still act out the scenes of their glory days on the old set, unable to move on in this life, or the next. Lights, camera action!


They survived the apocalypse…will you? The apocalypse has been and gone. Disaster has won. Survival of the most violent has remained. The darkest souls never start in packs – they find each other in the silence. Fearing nothing but themselves, they join together in a protective tribe of self-preservation; feeding, breeding, co-existing solely to survive. Only they know the suffering they endured to be here, where brute strength is useless against ruthless violence; where humanity has all but vanished. Always learning, always evolving, they’ve earned the right to exist in The Colony. You haven’t…

The Colony


Billy-Bob, Billy-Joe and Billy-Ray may seem like three innocent brothers trying to run a family business, but they have a disturbing dark secret. Don’t let them fool you, those chainsaws aren’t just for chopping car parts. Once you go scrap, you never go back. Ever.


Once an old farm house, but left to rot and ruin, the Cellar was due for renovation, until the developers went inexplicably missing. Others went to look for them, but they too disappeared without a trace. Strange cries can still be heard from within the building and it’s said it’s now inhabited by feral and ferocious mutant creatures. Less than human, but more than animal, they stalk and terrify all that dare step into their lair. Witnesses have reported that this colony of creatures is now larger than ever, and there is another strange and venomous creature that resides with them… Will you dare to venture in?



Throughout the years, the Haunted House has seen a lot of comings and goings and some say many of its previous inhabitants have stuck around, unable to pass over. That doesn’t mean to say the long standing tenants aren’t friendly. They’d like you to stay. Stay for a very long time. The spooks in here believe in a traditional welcome and will show you all around the house – even the winding corridors where the lights don’t work and the rooms where the floor boards have been eaten away by creepy crawlies. There’s a lot of long since passed family members hanging around in there too – it seems so cruel to bury them underground… Shocks and scares to bemuse and bewilder you. Once you get in, they won’t want to let you back out.



If that is not enough as you are wandering around the huge farm with its two live music stages Tulleys are also laying on street theatre to keep the frights going.

The Nurses

Guests needing medical attention due to being scared senseless in our haunts might like to book an appointment with our street medical team. Yes, Shocktober Fest’s Nurses will be back on the street to get your pulses racing and your hearts pounding. Causing more heart attacks than they cure, they’re bringing sexy back!


The Hammer Horrors

Meet some of the oldest celebs in existence. The Mummy and Frankenstein’s Monster will be bursting into Shocktober Fest in glorious Technicolor, and they’re here to prove that the oldies are the goodies (or baddies depending on your perspective). Terrifyingly funny.

Clowns With Chainsaws

Like clowns? How about clowns with chainsaws? Can anyone think of a better idea than giving a large power tool to a group of murderous maniacs who like to paint their faces, wear garish clothes and run around laughing at the voices in their heads? Sound dangerous? It is.

Mr. Rotavator

We scare because we care. So much so that we’ve bought some fitness experts onto the farm to keep you all fit and healthy. Mr Rotavator and his Team will make sure you feel the burn.

Fire Breathers

Speaking of feeling the burn, we have fire! Lots of it, not just our lovely warming bonfire, but a strange character who likes to play with it. This act is hot, hot, hot!

Tia The Tarot Reader

Working alongside our Street Theatre family is Tia, our popular Tarot Reader. An insightful and positive view into your future, through offering Tarot card readings, dream interpretation and a clairvoyant connection to the spirit world.

The Usherettes

Lights, Camera, Action, our slightly weird usherettes will be peddling their gruesome wares at Shocktober this year. Please be aware that if you try the popcorn, it’s likely to be ex-boyfriend flavour.


Tickets are on sale now with a variety of options from street pass only to a fully behind the scenes experience. Visit as a group of 10 or more and benefit from discounted ticket prices. The event runs form the 5th October to the 3rd of November with that being the fireworks finalle night.

Tulleys Shoctober Fest is situated in West Sussex halfway between Crawley and East Grinstead.

Have you been or are going let us know in the comments.

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