Use your phone abroad at no extra cost and get travel upgrades with easyJet.

Just when you could think that Three’s Go Roam deals were not good enough all ready they are offering easyJet flight upgrades to give Pay Monthly customers some extra-special treatment when they fly in the form of Priority Bag Drop, Hassle free security, Speedy Boarding & Fast bag delivery. 

Leave your baggage hassles behind, because now you can go Hands Free on all UK outbound easyJet flights, absolutely free. Just drop your cabin bags at the dedicated EasyJet Plus Bag Drop, stroll through security stress-free, and even board the plane early. Plus your cabin bags will be one of the first onto the carousel when you arrive at the other side.

Here’s how to get easyJet Flight Upgrades.

1. Make sure you’re on a Pay Monthly eligible plan or you are on PAYG rewards and have selected easyJet as your reward.

Book a holiday! Ideally in a country where you can Go Roam. Need some destination inspiration?

2. Text the word “UPGRADE”, followed by your easyJet flight number, date of travel and your last name to 88555, and wait for your confirmation SMS. (Keep this to hand, as you’ll need it at the airport).

3. When you get to the airport, head to the easyJet check-in desk and show them your Three SMS. You’ll get a special Three tote bag to take anything you need onto the plane, free of charge.

The good news is that the easyJet flight upgrade promotion is available to all existing monthly SIM and phone customers plus any new customers taking out a pay monthly plan. This is a pretty big summer deal and we love the fact that it is not just for new customers. Along with Go Binge & Wuntu Three seem to be really stepping up to the plate here with customer offerings.

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