Getting treats like free cinema tickets, cheap meals or a coffee can be a great way to keep you a happy mobile customer, other networks, like O2 with their Priority scheme and Three with Wuntu have also added loyalty rewards apps.

Vodafone veryme

What does Vodafone VeryMe Rewards get me?

Vodafone have joined the party, with a platform called “VeryMe”. It looks to have replaced Vodafone Treats and it’ll be in the My Vodafone app.

  • Free treats, give-aways and money off vouchers from Britain’s best loved brands
  • Weekly cinema deal offering two ODEON tickets for £7. Tickets can be used any day of the week[i]
  • Artificial intelligence app offers personalised rewards to Vodafone customers across the UK

While a lot of these offers are very similar to what Three & O2 have it looks like they do have some unique partners signed up. Voda are also calling out the personalisation features meaning as it learns you may see different offers to your mates.

very me with coffee

How do I sign up to Vodafone VeryMe?

Voda will be giving all pay monthly customers an extra 2GB data just for signing up. Just download the My Vodafone App and click to join VeryMe Rewards. Plus, as it’s Christmas soon I’m sure there will be some extra special deals for the festive time of the year.

It will be interesting to see if Three & O2 up their game now there is a new kid on the block and weather EE have something up their sleeves.

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VeryMe Rewards is open to Pay monthly mobile and Pay as you go mobile customers. Pay as you go mobile customers must have topped up with at least £10 in the last 6 weeks. If you’re a new Vodafone customer, please be aware that it can take up to four days to access VeryMe Rewards. Unfortunately, the programme isn’t available for our Mobile Broadband only or Home Broadband only customers.

[i] ODEON reward includes two 2D standard adult tickets for £7, which can be used any day of the week. Discounts may vary during certain Odeon promotional periods.

[ii] VeryMe is available on consumer Pay Monthly, Pay as you go and certain small business plans.