It’s going to be an exciting year of Sport with the Rugby World Cup later this year and the Fifa Woman’s World Cup happening in June. Due to the popularity of our 4K World Cup guide last year we have put together a handy guide on how to watch the Woman’s World Cup on the go and if you are travelling.

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How to stream the Woman’s World Cup with a VPN

If you are in a country not showing the tournament you can stream using a VPN service. You just need to make sure you select the country of choice and then follow the septs below. Make sure you check local copyright laws to make sure you are not breaking any before you stream.

  1. Purchase a VPN subscription such as ExpressVPN or Nord VPN.
  2. Download the VPN app on the device of your choice.
  3. Connect to a VPN server where the Six Nations is being broadcast.
  4. Connect to the streaming provider.
  5. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the action!

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How to Watch the Woman’s World Cup on the go and use no data

Fear not folks because if you are out and about during the game you want to watch then there is a way you can stream all the games to your phone to tablet using Three’s Go Binge service.

Along with services such as Snapchat Three have zero rated TV Player so all you need to do is sign up to TV Player be on a compatible plan and away you go, get streaming from a beach, park or anywhere you have signal in the UK.

Women’s World Cup 2019 Group Stage Fixtures

France v South Korea 20:00 BBC TBC
Germany v China FIFA 14:00 BBC TBC
Spain v South Africa 17:00 BBC TBC
Norway v Nigeria FIFA 20:00 BBC TBC
Australia v Italy 12:00 BBC TBC
Brazil v Jamaica 14:30 BBC TBC
England v Scotland 17:00 BBC TBC
Argentina v Japan 17:00 BBC TBC
Canada v Cameroon 20:00 BBC TBC
New Zealand v Netherlands 14:00 BBC TBC
Chile v Sweden 17:00 BBC TBC
USA v Thailand 20:00 BBC TBC
Nigeria v South Korea 14:00 BBC TBC
Germany v Spain 17:00 BBC TBC
France v Norway 20:00 BBC TBC
Australia v Brazil 17:00 BBC TBC
South Africa v China 20:00 BBC TBC
Japan v Scotland 14:00 BBC TBC
Jamaica v Italy 17:00 BBC TBC
England v Argentina 20:00 BBC TBC
Netherlands v Cameroon 14:00 BBC TBC
Canada v New Zealand 20:00 BBC TBC
Sweden v Thailand 14:00 BBC TBC
USA v Chile 17:00 BBC TBC
China v Spain 17:00 BBC TBC
South Africa v Germany 17:00 BBC TBC
South Korea v Norway 20:00 BBC TBC
Nigeria v France 20:00 BBC TBC
Italy v Brazil 20:00 BBC TBC
Jamaica v Australia 20:00 BBC TBC
Japan v England 20:00 BBC TBC
Scotland v Argentina 20:00 BBC TBC
Cameroon v New Zealand 17:00 BBC TBC
Netherlands v Canada 17:00 BBC TBC
Sweden v USA 20:00 BBC TBC
Thailand v USA 20:00 BBC TBC

Lioness emoji 🦁🦁🦁


In the run up to the Women’s World Cup on Friday 7 June, Three is campaigning for the first lioness emoji to be created so you can show your support for the woman’s England team where ever you are, on any platform.

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